Sunday, April 3, 2011

Winter Sunset (The Pink Below)

Super psychedelic sunset
exuding supernatural glow--
washboard clouds scan ‘cross the skyline
and filter through the pink below.

Shortened days, long nights combine--
becoming part of winter’s flow.
Appearing yet, another sign:
cold evening sky, the pink below.

To these gray days we come, resigned--
world hidden under virgin snow.
Inside our houses now confined,
we view through glass--the pink below.

©Copyright G. Brannan November 2010 
Photo from author's personal collection
Sharing at d'Verse Poets Pub Open Link Night #20, 11/29/11 


  1. Love rhyming the snowy images though in reality I dread the coming of this season ~

  2. Gorgeous, Ginny. You do nature poetry very well...very evocative and perfect timing for this little gem.

  3. Your repetition brings great emphasis and ultimately, finality to this piece. It's all very seamless and natural-feeling, which is so hard to do. From psychedelia to resigned artful transition. Very nice work.

  4. sorry it has taken me forever to get here tonight ginny...thanks for stopping on by...smiles.

    winter has yet to get here but i ear this is the week...i look forward to snow but not the seclusion...i need people to thrive honestly...

  5. Love the image as well as the imagery of your words. The sense of color pervading everything including the inside of our houses. Nice poem!

  6. 'washboard sky'.. perfect. Your sense of awe and appreciation come across so well Ginny. Lovely downward lilt to conclude.

  7. Evocative imagery in the color symbolism and the seasonal references. Well done.


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