Monday, April 4, 2011

The Wayside Inn

For centuries this inn has stood
in Massachusetts neighborhood
with food and warmth for tired guest
along this wayside by the wood

Its sturdy walls can still attest
to revolution and unrest--
as “shot heard ‘round the world” echoed,
and British rule we did protest

So many stories have been told
about this humble old abode,
which saw militia troops amass
and march along its well -worn road

Not far from fields of unmown grass
past window panes of leaded glass
through heavy doors with knobs of brass
this inn still welcomes all who pass
©Copyright Ginny Brannan February 2011

Longfellow's Wayside Inn, Sudbury, Massachussetts
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote his "Tales of a Wayside Inn" inspired by his stays here
Photo: G. Brannan, from personal collection.


  1. Ginny - a delightful Quatrain
    reflective of past and present

    Happy 4th of July

  2. I love it and the picture too. You took me there with Emerson, Thoreau, and farther back to John and Abigail. Up East you guys live with the history of the US every day and it has everyday special significance. Well done! Happy 4th.

  3. Those old buildings can tell some tales - and this one a tale of freedom. Good poem, Ginny.

  4. thanks Ginny, for sharing your quatrain visit to a historic place. I enjoyed the rhymne form and content.


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