Saturday, January 13, 2018


I wake up wondering what news
the night has brought, so fraught
with “He saids” “she saids.”
Forced to wait as the sides debate
trying to get their stories straight,
rehashing words until they dissipate
into yesterday’s news. And nothing changes.

Living in the shadow of the Night King
where a sunny day dawns colorless,
or at best faded, we’ve become ‘jaded.’
Congress has been invaded by “enablers”
pitting us all against each other.
Opposites with no attraction…
each side demanding action for
different reasons while stuck
in a state of permanent winter.

We mustn’t compromise as we
 seek the “Truth” that outshines the lies
so those who doubt will finally rise
to realize that we can do better than this.
Whatever hate lies in our hearts is fed
by chatter that eats away at all that matters.
until we become visceral, rabid;  infected
by the daily dose of kool-aid we have been
given to drink. Perhaps that is the plan, after all:
to make us all numb and uncaring,
unable to think for ourselves. A flock led
by wolves in sheep’s clothing.
We need to heed the call from within
that says “Enough!! Enough Already.”

We must start this new year with renewed determination
to save our nation from corruption, and daily disruption
that we might breath again, agree again, rise again.

 Make our words count. Make our voices heard.
 Rise up! Work together! Be the change!

©Ginny Brannan 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018


Out of the cracks in the woodwork they pour
like cockroaches from the slums they come,
garbage feeders swarming the newspaper headlines.
Unable to separate sweetness from stench,
they invade everywhere, from swanky penthouse
to cottage, to poorest tenement, no discrimination.
They leave a track of dirt and distraction,
their words, twisted lies and destruction,
while trying to control the court of public opinion.
For most, just a sour taste on the tongue;
for some, becoming a festering infection,
‘blind eyes’ and ‘deaf ears’ two of the symptoms.

Tired of living in the wake of lies that compromise
our very existence.  Can a single dung beetle
be so powerful as to be above the law,
stuck in a track of deny and deflect, rejecting
common sense while his pile of shit gets bigger each day?
While sentinels and drones control his feed
we await the exterminators, those with the means
and determination to destroy this infestation…
Not an easy task, examining every crack
in the plaster, under each floorboard,
following pipelines for hidden trails,
leaving neither tile unexamined nor path ignored.

In a time of instant gratification it is a slow and tedious job…
too slow at times, but we need it done right:
no question unasked, no stone unturned,
as they take this affliction to task
Let the cockroach have the penthouse
let him troll through the night,
while others work to destroy this blight;
yet in doing so we must acknowledge it for what it is:
   a sad scar, a deep mar on our democracy,
        and a hard and very difficult lesson learned.

©Ginny Brannan 2018

"Some days you eat the bear, somedays the bear eats you." Feeling "consumed" by the constant barrage of Twitter-speak, lies and innuendo. Can't seem to get away, so attempting to write my way through once again.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Another Auld Lang Syne

Haviland Pond, Ludlow, MA Image by author.

One year ceases, another dawns…
we move forward with certain givens:
that love will find some while abandoning others,
that new life will arrive
while others move on—
woven onto the thread of infinity;
death as imminent as birth
for we have yet to uncover
the secrets of immortality.

We stand on the cusp of renewal—
as days grow longer, we embrace their light
searching for our balance;
thwarting off indignity so often in disguise,
holding out for certain truth 
while sorting through the lies.

Another year of endless possibilities
  looms before us

    ...shall we begin?

© Ginny Brannan 2018