Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Photo courtesy Tess Kincaid, Magpie Tales

Storm rages within…
voracious ebon entity
slowly possessing me

Fighting the
bruised, cut…
away by

How do I exorcise
this witch,
this black bitch
that devours until
nothing is left?

©  Ginny Brannan September 2011
(For Susan, keep fighting.)

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Saturday, September 10, 2011



attacks unprovoked
innocence, raped by hatred
resolve forged by fire

© Ginny Brannan September 2011

Image: Google Images 9/11

“Gone, but NEVER Forgotten”  Dedicated to the memory of all lives lost from the vicious attacks on 9/11/01
Our scarred hearts still bleed…

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On Distant Seas

Each dawn I’m drawn down to this shore--
to soft white sand and gentle breeze;           
dream of my love on distant seas

sailed off to fight another's war.
“Pink sky in morn, sailors be warned!”
I pray he will return once more,

but life holds no such guarantees.
Each dawn, I’m drawn down to this shore...

©  Ginny Brannan September 2010

Image Credit: Art at Google.com

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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Soft-woven scarf upon her head
a  rock-strewn ground on which to tread.
Observances at last complete,
escape to 'Playland' for retreat--

Employee states that guest must ‘shed’
the woven scarf upon her head;
“We have firm rules for safety’s sake;
that park cannot defer or break.”

Who knew this statement would incite
as scuffle breaks into a fight
from woven scarf upon her head
and regulation left unsaid.

Did Muslim clothing segregate
incite inert religious hate,
unravel First Amendment’s thread,
by woven scarf upon her head?

©  Ginny Brannan  September 2011

Photo from article, NY Daily News online


Universal Language

It is in silence
where our actions speak loudest
understood by all

© Ginny Brannan September 2011
Participating in d'Verse Poet's Pub Friday Poetics with Sheila Moore. For today’s Poetics, the silent film era is the prompt.  The object, to write about one of the actors, compare and contrast silent films with present-day movies, or maybe write a parody of one of the above scenes.