Sunday, April 3, 2011


A monorhyme is a poem in which each line ends in the same sound

They took the stage so quietly…
and captured our reality,
two lovers in dream fantasy
of steamy sensuality.
They drew us in, so subtly,
such rarely seen ability--
each step grew in complexity,
a lesson in agility.
They move, defying gravity,
bend and stretch erotically--
amazing unique artistry,
their dance: pure sexual poetry.

©Copyright G.Brannan October 2010

*Benissimo: i.e. adv. Fine, very well, excellently (Italian) 
The inspiration for this came from a  video a friend had posted, a amazingly agile and artistic dance interpretation called "Benissimo" performed by DuoMainTenanT, who performed with Cirque du Soliel. The You Tube video has since been pulled, so I can no longer share the link.


  1. Very nicely put! Very sexy! Great work.

  2. perfect,

    your words match the image perfectly.


  3. Wonderful picture painted with words.


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