Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Poet Inside

Watch as your writing
peels layers one by one,
revealing your true self
from who you’ve become.
Words full of passion,
the twist of the rhyme,
perfected ideas
flow from your mind.
Showing in  excerpts
places you’ve been,
snapshots of life,
things you have seen.
Ideas are flowing...
you finish, and then--
back go the layers,
disguised once again.

© Copyright Ginny Brannan
 Sharing at One Stop Poetry One Shot Wednesday 4/20/2011


  1. nice...that is me to a T...each one gives away a little slice...

  2. brill thanks for letting us read it

  3. Can't create without revealing yourself. like the opening and closing aspect of this. Vb

  4. How did you know I am a woman of many disguises?? :)

    Excellent poem!

  5. I like how you end this:

    "...and then--
    back go the layers,
    disguised once again."

    I don't think we ever understand the extent of all our layers. Well said!


  6. Really like this one Ginny, glad you shared it here.


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