Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Undertaking

She views the world through autumn eyes
that on this day are cast in gray
as winter tries to tip the scale…
Weeks and months and years have passed
to leave eroded and refined
each moment lived; each bend and turn
etched in crease and smile line.

   And always playing in her mind
   the words that paint the world she sees—
   the people met, emotions felt;
   thoughts that bend and twist within
   and beg escape from their confines

When did such purpose come about—
a want, a need to somehow share
and bare the colors of her soul…
when even casual observation
implores discovery on a page.

   And the words…. always ruminating,
   to form and re-form, while creating
   background music heard by one.
   You’ll see her jot a line or two
   on any scrap or sticky note,
   or back of envelope will do.
   And on rare times when words align
   to culminate with her inflection
   she’ll deem a poem or piece complete
   or at very least well- honed
   to “acceptable” perfection.

She sees her world through autumn eyes
as winter creeps up on her trail.
Time has deepened tone and voice
—so often lost within the forest
of other voices in the chorus—
becoming still as life assails
till call to write once more prevails;
another story whispers, waiting,
   the challenge in the undertaking.

© Ginny Brannan 2016

This was written in 2016, and published in the collection: Poetry as a Spiritual Practice: Illuminating the Awakened Woman—a collection of poems by the Journey of the Heart Poets available at