Sunday, April 3, 2011


Winter creeps in, silently
  Frosts the very air we breathe
  Long cold nights and shortened day
  Viewed in icy shades of gray.

Whispered warmth on southern breeze
  Bright green jackets on the trees
  Flowers bud, the crickets sing
  All renewed in sight of Spring

Sunny days and sultry nights
  Skies of blue, all colors bright
  Lucky we, for just a while,
  to feel the heat of Summer’s smile

Autumn comes in colored dress
   Embraces earth in sweet caress
   Carries on her ancient rite
   Changing colors in our sight.

© Copyright Ginny Brannan 2010

Internet image "Four Seasons" artist Alphonse Mucha


  1. This is a beautiful interpretation of the four seasons. I like the form you chose to represent the cyclic changes, and your words relate well to the images. Thank you for sharing on Real Toads.

  2. This is very lovely, and your verses bring the seasons around nicely. An enjoyable read. Great to see you at Real Toads!

  3. This is beautiful, Ginny. I could feel the seasons as your words carried me though them.

    And the bright green jackets? Marvelous imagery.

  4. Beautiful words, which help the reader re-experience the pleasures of each season.

  5. Love your seasons poems..the rhyme is delightful. To be honest I suck at So nice to see you at Real Toads

  6. You wrote beautifully about what I know well ... living in a location with four seasons is the BEST!

  7. Thanks, Ginny for your seasonal take on the challenge!

  8. This is so smooth in its presentation, very good! The rhyme is such a gentle perfect touch for this!


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