Monday, April 4, 2011


All the clues were there in front of me,
but few of them were making any sense.
The letters were laid out so carefully,
just waiting for my research to commence.

Reading them again left me perplexed,
decided I must somehow be a ‘sleuth.’
The unknown outcome had me feeling vexed,
but knew that I would have to learn the truth.

Quite suddenly the answers did appear
from deep inside the recess of my brain…
solutions I had searched for became clear,
could finish this bewildering campaign.

No, I would never go down in defeat…
another Sunday crossword is complete!

©Copyright Ginny Brannan March 2011
Just for fun! In the style of a Sonnet, sort-of...

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Week #44 5/22/2011


  1. you write so well.

    never go down in defeat, agreed.

    Happy Rally.

  2. Very true. Its like being lost in a forest. Slowly the path appears as you overlay your answers. Happy Rally.

  3. Lovely! another cross-word fan and one who writes so effortlessly. I do them even in my dreams. Hapy rally!
    Butterflies of time

  4. Well written, thought it was life,till I read the last line, but then life is a puzzle as well :)

  5. "No, I would never go down in defeat…
    another Sunday crossword is complete!" Ah, I get it. Clever!

  6. Well done. I love the smile at the end. Crytograms are my addiction.

  7. I don't have much of a crossword habit - but I love your writing thanks for posting it!

  8. a sonnet about crosswords? that's amazing!

    enjoyed the read. :)

  9. The punch-line was perfect. delightful poem that brought a smile to my face!


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