Monday, July 23, 2012

Seeking Clarity

Figure Eight by Franz Kline

life in constant flux
we explore our center core
seeking clarity

much like yin and yang
attempting to find balance
in uncertainty

embracing the gray
in a world of black and white
a constant struggle

inner peace renewed
chaos ceases to exist
once more we are whole

© Ginny Brannan July 2012

Chinese symbols, Yin and Yang

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

'Stained' Glass

Image:  Galway Cathedral, Galway, Ireland 2006
As broken shards fall to the ground
the artist scores another round;
envisions template in his head,
has chosen favorite color, red.

Burnt copper casings fold around
the broken shards spread on the ground;
with heated flash and burst of light
he engineers into night.

Designed to give the most impact,
meticulous in every fact--
these broken shards spread on the ground
create a picture quite profound.

The finished image triggers tears,
and mem'ries that will live for years...
this craftsman’s work now world-renowned
from broken shards left on the ground.

© Ginny Brannan July 2012
*Dedicated to all of the "broken shards" from Aurora, CO this week, and to all families whose lives have been shattered by violence.

**In the making of a stained glass window, first a template is created, then the glass is scored and shaped to fit the template. The glass is held together by H-shaped cames in lead or copper that are bent and heat soldered to hold the glass and  create the finished image. When I learned of the tragedy, I listened to the first hand accounts of a flash, smoke, those closest being burned by hot copper casings as they rained around them. Images of the victims as 'broken shards' haunted my thoughts. Hence, this metaphoric piece came to be. 
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

In Tandem

We share an easy affinity,
a kindred familiarity,
a certain kind of intimacy…
a deep alliance streaming over time.

Within this reciprocity
we’ve portaged chasms carefully;
avoiding riffles skillfully--
our focus staid upon horizon line.

But in those times I've run aground
you've saved me from going down;
reached out, wouldn't let me drown--
a steadfast anchor in life's angry sea.

We slip the current past the shadows,
prudently elude the narrows,
mindful of the rocky shallows--
two tandem souls in perfect harmony.

© Ginny Brannan July 2012

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Do you remember that summer long ago?
Hottest week in August, as I recall.
We got to the trailer on the beach--
damn sight-unseen summer rental;
had to clean it out and make it fit for use
before we could even bring our stuff in.
We didn’t care…
We were so much younger then.
I remember.

We took in that fresh sea air
like we couldn’t get enough...
Watched the gulls spiral overhead,
and those little birds, the sandpipers,
being chased up and down by the waves.
I still feel the sand stinging our faces in the wind,
and taste the salt clinging to our lips.
Spent our days splashing in the surf
turning nutmeg in the sun…
walking to that little Clam shack for fritters.
The waves sang us to sleep each night.
We were so much younger then…

I remember.

©  Ginny Brannan June 2011  
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Ophilia by Odilon Redon
With soft pastels in colors bright,
the artist draws with loving hand;
through rendered image, shares his view --
her gentle face, the long dark hair,
the azure sky and yellow flower…
in choosing carefully each hue
creates her likeness, best he can.

At last complete, Ophelia “breathes,”
while Shakespeare’s ghost observes, appeased.

© Ginny Brannan July 2012

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