Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mile Markers

Gray chalk hills fade one behind another
until they dissolve into oyster sky.
Ice crystals dance on gelid air,
glisten highway’s edge, and settle
in the crooks of sleeping maples.
Evergreens bend under weight
 of their thick winter shawls.
In spite of its bleakness, we are taken by
the stark frost-coated beauty of it all.


my core senses those timeworn mountains
long before my eyes discern them.
Yet, it is not these ancient mounds
that draw me back, but the folks therein
I long to see—those I love who wait for me.

With each mile passed, the years begin to dissipate
like those hills now veiled in mist and gloam;
my pulse beats faster as this heart anticpates
that final stretch of road that leads me home.

©  Ginny Brannan 2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Walk on a Winter's Night

Remembering a Christmas long ago…
we walked the village streets on winter’s night,
waiting for the rain to turn to snow

The church bells chiming carols, soft and low
reminding of the One who brought His light
on another Christmas, long ago.

The darkened stores awash in indigo
imparting their displays in twinkling white…
waiting for the rain to turn to snow.

The dampened road reflecting streetlights’ glow
shining as if it bathed in candlelight—
in mem'ries of that Christmas long ago.

We rallied from the cold like Eskimos,
butt'ning up our coats against the bite—
waiting for the rain to turn to snow.

Some memories we never quite outgrow
just store away to view when time is right…
remembering that Christmas long ago
and our delight when rain turned into snow.

© Ginny Brannan 

Image taken by Michelle Torres Lowe, borrowed from BFDDA (Bellows Falls Downtown Development Alliance)

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