Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Thing With Feathers....

Where did it come from, this lightness of being,
erasing the darkness that’s dwelled here so long?
What is this feeling that’s rising within me
coursing these veins without calling or prompt?
We’ve faced down each challenge, each rebel demon
calling them out, destroying their keep—
yet I would be lying if I was denying
that there was no threat when it calls from deep.
Sometimes our tipping point needs to be challenged
as we keep on reaching for our 'ring of gold,'
and ever more quickly do we stop believing
while letting the negatives tighten their hold.
I don’t know what trials await our tomorrows
but here at this juncture the light filters in;
the weight that I’ve carried seems less of a burden
and just for a moment the darkness rescinds.

Oh, that this might last,  leaving past far behind us
erasing these doubts that I carry within.

© Ginny Brannan 2019

Hope is illusive, but springs eternal, and sometimes swells up from within...
The title borrowed from the words of one of my favorite authors.

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Do not confuse my anger with how I feel about you.
My anger is borne of frustration,
perhaps because I set the bar so high for myself
that I expect…no demand…the same from others
Patience thins quickly:
the nurse that should know her job
but must come back
because of tests forgotten;
the ones who plow through
despite the sign in front of them that says “Stop.”
Is there no one that understands?
Each small infraction grows and compounds
fueling this loss of control
—and cannot–fix–this...
Perhaps I have lost sight of the bigger picture,
floundering in the minutia
searching for the light;
for someone that can tell me
You’ll get through this...
  and we’ll be all right. 
© Ginny Brannan 2019

Image: Nature's Landscape Supercell pictures, storm, Wyoming.