Monday, November 25, 2013

Watercolor Dreams

Leave me to drift in watercolor days,
as I glide the current, slipping away
o’er rippled reflections of soft Autumn hues,
I steal to the place where there’s only you.

Content in this Eden where Morpheus calls,
the daylight fades darker and soon night will fall—
just leave me to linger a little while more
afloat in illusion, away from the shore . 

© Ginny Brannan 2013

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Image: Autumn on the River, 1889, John Singer Sargent
Written for The Mag #195, Image provided by Tess Kincaid.
She provides the Image, we the story!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Letters lie, unwritten…

we communicate
from a space
where time

 Yesterday I stood
unsealed before you…

  You know,
-you’ve always known-
  exactly who I am.

Words pale,
  as we read
  the silence
between the lines.

© Ginny Brannan 2013

Written for The Mag #194, Image provided by Tess Kincaid
She provides the image, we the story!!
Sharing at d'Verse Poets Pub Open Link Night #123

Monday, November 11, 2013

An Effigy in Monotone

captured, black and white
she danced as if no one watched
perfection, en pointe

© Ginny Brannan 2013

Written for The Mag #193. Image provided by Tess Kincaid: she provides the image, we the story!
Image: Danseuse ajustant sa bretelle, 1895-96, Edgar Degas 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

River Song

The voices of the forest sing your name
just a melody upon the breeze
inside this stream of consciousness, it guides
to navigate the path from whence you came,
through time and space to place where you begin.
Your story whispers soft among the trees,
where oldest of the old are long since gone;
yet life renews as well as it rescinds
to flow again from roots to tips of leaves.
This ancient woodland biding out its days
was born from stardust scattered at first dawn;
a paradox that kens through cosmic core...
an ancient entity that lives and breathes
yet knows no stillness, bears no word for pond—
rewrites your name instead to 'River Song.'

© Ginny Brannan 2013