Saturday, April 2, 2011

Job Hunter’s Lament

Applying here…applying there…
Applying blindly everywhere.
No face-to-face—I’m just a name
In cyberspace, it’s not the same.
We used to know those hiring,
Now anonymity’s the thing.
And courtesy’s gone out the door,
No “application received” anymore.
Recession’s over so they say,
We’re looking at a brighter day.
Then where’s my job if that is true?
These statisticians have no clue.
I’m qualified, experienced…
This unemployment makes no sense
To me, who’s worked her whole life long,
And wonders what she’s doing wrong?
So once again in mystery,
I share all of my history--
And hope I’ll finally find a place
That interviews me face to face.
And that they’ll like what they see,
And end this spell by hiring me!

Copyright April 2010

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