Sunday, April 3, 2011

Daylight Savings Time

Evening comes early now to our woods…
on silent pads, it creeps
over hills and rooftops, and across fields
until all is twilight.
There’s a chill in the air that wasn’t there yesterday.
Skeleton trees stand as grim silhouettes
having shed colorful serapes after autumn’s final fiesta.
Cold harsh winds whistle across barren fields.
Wood smoke drifts, blows, tickles our nose;
lures us inside to welcome warmth.
Evening turns to night…
fire burns low, embers glow on the hearth.
Under quilted coverlets we seek snug respite
as winter once again draws frosty curtain
over sleeping  world.
© Copyright G. Brannan November 2010

Shared at One Shot Poetry 6/06/11 Form Monday/Free Verse  
Sharing at d'Verse Poets Pub Open Link Night #13


  1. here i am melting in the summer heat...and you bring sweet relief with a cool breeze...smiles. i dont mind a good snuggle under the quilt in winter though...

  2. I adore how you bring sounds, texture and colors in with such subtlety and without upsetting the quiet you create in this piece. It reminds me of Velvet Shoes by Elinor Wylie. So wintry, so quiet.
    Lovely, Gay

  3. Ginny, I just love this word watercolor you paint. I think the change of seasons just screams to be written about and you've invited me in to share the scene. We had our first frost a couple of nights ago but now it's back in the 70's.

  4. i have found my cool breeze now...wet and chilled here...but still appreciating your words...smiles.

  5. Just right here weather wise, but don't remind me of the cold..haha. I don't mind daylight savings time either, makes it easier to get up early.

  6. Lovely, Ginny. I enjoy the personification of the season as cat, I think? You evoke it nicely! xj

  7. I long for the scene you describe. It's 82 degrees where I am.

  8. Lovely...even though summer is my favorite...I am almost ready for some time under the quilt.

  9. On silent pads it creeps..

    Loved that and I have my quilts ready for the chilly evenings.

  10. I love that smell of woodsmoke...and watching the firelight, knowing you're warm and outside the world is hushed. Lovely mood piece. Sorry I missed it the first time around.

  11. oh yes you go into the cold grips of winter when half around the world we go into the long summer days and nights great poem

  12. Nice poem about change of seasons touching all the senses -- sight, smell, sound of the wind and getting warm as temperatures fall. Enjoyed reading this very much.


  13. love your snow image,
    what a cool treat.


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