Monday, April 25, 2011

Not Quite 'Good' Enough

Sharing the best that I have to offer--
bulleted, bold faced, and typed to impress.
Make sure I'm putting my best foot forward
as I step out again in best business dress.

Once again masked in best business expression
and settling self into best frame of mind,
I stride in to give my best interview yet:
confident, friendly, engaging and kind.

Doing my best to keep positive outlook,
hoping the best as I wait for that call--
only to learn that again I’ve been 'bested,'
passed by once more after giving my all.
©Copyright Ginny Brannan April 2011

Expunging frustrations


  1. They don't recognize a good thing when they see it-pearls before swine!

  2. Ack, this does sound like a frustrating experience! I hate it when that happens.

    If you care to tweak this at all, it might sound better in S3L2 to say "Hoping the best" rather than "Hoping for best", but it's up to you. Either way this poem is great!

  3. Such a difficult experience, isn't it. Hadn't thought of this as one of the benefits of being retired, but then there's the rejection that we writers get. They just don't know what they're missing. Good luck if you are in the job market.

  4. Thanks Lolamouse, for stopping by again.

    Thanks Mark. I made the change per your suggestion.

    Thanks Victoria, for stopping in and commenting :-)

  5. as long as you have done your best, we love it,

    embrace who you are.
    your blog templateb is superb!


  6. A better opportunity waits around the corner, where the best of who you are will be blessed indeed!


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