Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sweet Summers of My Youth

Long days playing with my friends,
daylight felt like it would never end;
hours passed till night was rendered,
and dad would call me home again...
oh, sweet summers of my youth

Crickets chirping and fireflies,
seeing the love in my momma’s eyes;
tucking me in, saying, "Sleep tight”
I was too young then to realize …
oh, sweet summers of my youth

Warm breezes blowing through the screen
a glimpse, a moment so serene
our family together, it’s like a dream
holding tight to that precious scene...
oh, sweet summers of my youth

These twists of fate, we’ll never know
why some may stay and some must go...
through this uncertain ebb and flow --
each curve, each bump helps us to grow.
So I look back on memories,
in my mind’s eye I still can see
a mom … a dad … a family
and a little girl who still felt free.

Oh, sweet summers of my youth           
Copyright ©  June 2010

Photo: Visual Photos, Mitch Diamond


  1. You made the idea of memories both sweet and enduring - delightful and honest

  2. some beautiful touches and warm memories in this...mama tucking in, fireflies...very nice...

  3. Ah yes, nostalgia. That photograph inspired childhood nostalgia in me too!


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