Thursday, October 26, 2017


You are my friend, as surely
as any who have come before… or since.
We arrive from different places,
tied by a common thread
of like-minded interests
bound through words,
our strengths woven
by home and family,
the places we’ve been,
and all we have known.
We share a penchant for curiosity—
the need to read, to learn;
to feed our imagination
on this perpetual path
to becoming more than the
sum of our whole.
Our views are formed through
our own unique perspective:
while some see only black and white
we view this world in shades of gray
discerning details some will never see.
We are collectors of words:
quotes and lines that define our existence
on this earthly ship we call home.
We share intuitive understanding
as each one of us subscribes
to our own unique role.
And we are better on this journey
in knowing there are others
that are searching for the meaning,
the truth that still lies waiting
on this sojourn of the soul.

© Ginny Brannan

Friday, October 13, 2017

In a Nutshell

We cannot let our fears take hold
that threaten now to paralyze
to eat away at who we are—
from those who’ve traded out their soul
for living out a life bazaar.
The moment that we realize
each stop and start, each interruption
devised to keep the truth at bay;
meant to divide and polarize,
the repetition to hold sway.
Smoke and mirrors for corruption
from leaders who would dummy down;
there’s so much more than meets the eye:
with plans to take healthcare reductions,
bold-faced lies on tax deduction,
and votes on women’s reproduction—
each new derision ‘systemized.’

It seems this ship has run aground
in shallow seas and rocky shoals,
overcome by waves of hate.
But even kings can come uncrowned
when their thoughts become unsound.
And so we must assess our goals—
call bullies out for what they are
and listen to that inner voice
that holds our path and keeps us whole.
For each of us, we have a choice—
and even if we do not know
the course that history will take,
we must hold to that spark of truth,
and never cede to undertow,
standing ground for what’s at stake.

The simplest of rules apply:
Let your conscience be your guide
find the truth inside each ‘lie’
Trust inner voice to recognize,
to see through cleverest disguise…
and though you may be criticized,
never take the compromise.

© Ginny Brannan 2017