Thursday, January 30, 2020

All of Our Faces

The faces we show to those whom we know
are seen in the light of familiar...
clashes, it seems, are rare and extreme
we would not recuse, nor need an excuse
to share who we are and all of our views.
And yet there are those who may disagree
their thoughts are opposed to our own,
for not all we say is one’s cup of tea
and it’s hard to appease when they only see
  an excuse to decry and bemoan.
We are who we are, naysayers be damned
there are much bigger fish to be fried;
and those who don’t like it can just take a hike
for life is too short to be picked on or slammed
or ceding to snide reprimands.
The people who know us know who we are
they’ve walked on the same path we follow
they know what we’ve done, what we’ve overcome
accept us in spite of, or maybe because of,
   all of our sides, not just one.

© Ginny Brannan 2020

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Same Story, Different Day

It’s really alarming the news is disarming
the words keep encroaching each day,
we walk a fine line as we search for the lining
to hold the naysayers at bay.
And I will admit that it’s hard to get through it,
reveal how we feel like we’re drowning;
we try to survive as we search for the light
with the negatives so overwhelming.
The constant barrage while no one’s in charge,
each quip a new skip on the record…
told nothing to fear, while the other side’s cheering
the frustration we feel is collective.
These daily attacks, while we can’t change the facts
what we can change is our gut reaction,
yet even to breathe while feeling aggrieved
is hard with such noise and distraction.
Yes, our world is insane, but we must remain
steadfast in commitment to truth.
Would we be sated if we took the bait
and gave in to the lies and the ruse?
So let me remind that history’s unkind­
recording each smile, each gloat;
each angry rant, each sycophant,
and each time some lawyer invoked.
And as we await while both sides debate
with words well-dispensed to provoke,
and though all seems dour, we still have the power
to change where we are by our vote.

So take a deep breath, hold onto the truth
hold onto what’s right and what’s decent;
and call out the lies, the baseless denials
lest we ever become too complacent,
while we bide to decide his replacement.

© Ginny Brannan 2020