Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Maiden and the Witch (Fable)

My first attempt at a children's fable

Long ago in ancient times when knights and princes roamed,
lived a fair young maiden who called a cave her home.
Long dark hair and bright green eyes the color of the fields,
a witch’s spell cast upon her - - it all seemed so surreal.
Forever to be destined to live in this dark cave
unless someone stumbled on her, and maybe then would save.
The witch’s spell had stated, “Only someone brave and true
with spirit and with pure heart may attempt to rescue you.”

One day a young man stumbled on a wood so dark and deep - -
felt drawn to travel through, though he could feel the evil seep.
He stopped to rest beside a stream and there he saw the cave,
and though no knight, he found the strength to summon and be brave.
He heard a voice from deep within calling to his heart,
but he did not yet realize that his trials were to start.
“Oh, who will ever rescue me from this cave so dark and cold,
  and from the depths of my despair in this vile place of old?”
He made his way along the path, into the darkness stepped
could hear his footfall echo, as distantly she wept.
Deeper went the young man, into this darkened place,
felt the evil growing...wondered what he’d face.
The cavern opened wider, a flash of fire sailed by,
as angry witch transformed herself into a “dragonfly--
not the lovely insect that most of us have seen
but a fire-breathing monster, with gnashing teeth so mean!
They faced each other squarely; the young man drew his sword,
they danced and fought for hours barely uttering a word.
The dragon drew back one more time before shooting her flame,
the young man finally saw his chance and lined up perfect aim…
the sword found purchase in its throat, the dragon breathed no more,
and in its place the young man saw a witch upon the floor.
The cave lit up like diamonds a thousand candles strong,
the young man saw the maiden who'd been there all along.
He gathered her into his arms,  then together left the cave;
the pretty maiden with green eyes and her young man so brave!
The woods no longer overcast in darkness or in shadow,
the birds were singing sweetly as they rode out of this hollow...

Just one more thing to add before this story ends ~~
will share this 'ancient' secret with all of you, my friends:
the moral to the story of the evil witch is this:

You don’t have to be a prince or knight to get the maiden and the kiss!

 ©Copyright Ginny Brannan 2010
Image 'Faerie Dragon' Artist Boris Vallejo
FYI, poem came first. Lucky enough to find an image that fit!


  1. first fable, wow,

    love your ending line, so true,

  2. awww...this is sweet...and true...You don’t have to be a prince or knight to get the maiden and the kiss...just brave enough to find and rescue the princess that is hidden in every woman...

  3. thank goodness cause i got no royal blood but if the need arise i will slay that dragon...smiles....really nicely spun ginny....hope you are having a great weekend!

  4. What a beautifully woven story - a treat to read.
    I enjoyed it very much.

  5. You know- these aren't easy to right! This reminded me of all the best bits of Tolkien. Love the dragons and fire- Love the end as well- simply put- but a metaphor that is timeless and true. Ginny-this is great storytelling that reuquires real depth of imagination as well as a skilful pen!

  6. So many times the dragon dies, poor dragons. And what makes witches so mean, and ugly? :) You've told the story that each boy and girl should learn, so they have hope they can find the one they love, hardship overcome has bounteous reward, and evil can indeed be slain. Excellently told tale.

  7. A tale I just read to my daughter...=)
    A wonderful write and story telling... Thanks Ginny!

  8. but do have to be the prince to get the maiden with the green eyes?

    once upon a polar bear


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