Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shoes (metaphor)

I have many shoes in my closet …

Some are new and different--
at least “different” from my usual choices,
but they just seem to feel ‘right’
so I’ve added them to my collection.

Some I wear often, they seem to go with everything;
but sometimes they rub and pinch and feel uncomfortable
I may even put them away for a while…
only to find them calling out to be worn once again.

Some just sit on the shelf, a brief trend gone out of style--
a memory of days gone by…
but sometimes styles come back again
and so I keep them … just in case …

My favorite shoes though are the old ones--
the ones that sit on my closet floor--
< you know the ones >
the leather is cracked … the soles are worn...
they have permanent wrinkles and creases from wear
and laces that were broken at least once (maybe twice);
but I’ve had them forever and could never part with them.
They are the ones I like the most.
When I slip them on they are an extension of me
not new…not trendy…just comfortable 

Copyright ©  Ginny Brannan May 2010

Shared D'Verse Poet's Pub 7/23/11 Poetics with Brian Miller


  1. Haha - I know exactly the shoes you mean :) This is a great poem - I enjoyed reading it very much. It brought a smile to my eyes.

  2. Those worn shoes are like an old friend. You have your distance but there's nothing like them when you need them.

  3. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life here!

  4. I do love when shoes are so familiar that they feel an extension of you. Some articles of clothing are like that, too. :)

  5. i agree my favorites are the old ones along with my old a comforting old blanket...bkm

  6. Hmmm...usually figure if I have to explain it, then it isn't working. Thinking my metaphor in this must be too vague!! This is NOT about shoes, it's about 'friendship"!! The first paragraph, my newest friends (for example some of my poet friends!!) The second, my friends that I frequently hang out and do things with. Third, old friends and acquaintances that I have fallen out of touch with or rarely see, and last, my oldest and dearest friends, my lifelong friends, the ones that have grown and aged (wrinkles) right along with me and understand me the best. Broken laces? In long friendships you may not always agree, but you can usually "mend" anything that breaks.

  7. ah i know just those shoes...the ones my wife wants me to get rid of...smiles. once i find a good pair i tend to hold onto them forever...

  8. Yep I hold onto those shoes too, as they may have a hole or two, but a new pair just won't do. Such is the way with many friendships, I got the allusion, never fear!..haha

  9. It's sad when they aren't wearable anymore, isn't it?

  10. Who couldn't relate to this. I know those shoes you mean...

    Really enjoyed this.


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