Monday, April 4, 2011

Hanging by a Thread

Even slightest glance still can’t conceal
  all the vicious loathing that you feel
  Each cruel, bitter insult that you breath
  burns like acid deep inside of me--
  so hard for me to see past all this pain…
       Only spectre memories remain.

Ambivalence holds me, paralyzed
  frozen by the anger in your eyes
  Too timid to turn around and flee,
  is it you… or maybe it’s just me
  wondering who really is to blame?
       Only spectre memories remain

Awaken each day with a sense of dread        
  venom words, like poison in my head
  Don’t like the reflection that I see
  <ashamed of this person that is me>
  Feeling like I'm 'halfway' to insane…       
        Only spectre memories remain

©Copyright Ginny Brannan April 2011
Sharing this at Write2Day, Writing from a Dark Place, tapping into the darker side of our personality.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Been there, felt that ...we each are different, but the same where we can relate to the darkness and the bottom of the barrel.
    Siggi In Downeast Maine

  2. A brave poem, which digs deep, as the prompt requires.

  3. This is so good, Ginny. It's good to visit those dark places and get the hell out. Wonderful write. Thanks for linking. I've been through that job loss thing too, and thats what got me writing. Yipee!

  4. The Pits.
    self inflicted or not…it's a place. Will looking for the cause get us out? Or can we just get up and get out?
    yet, we always kick ourselves first, right? which only makes the Pits much more worse.
    What a Waste of Life!
    good poem. thanks for sharing.

  5. That's exactly what got me blogging--unemployment. Might as well get something useful done while I'm at it--between the anger, self-esteem issues, etc... Thanks for sharing some very raw feelings.

  6. How often do adverse circumstances bring out the best in us? We don't see it at the time, maybe, but it's there all the same. We can reflect on it later and take what we want from it. I think that comes through very strongly here.


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