Monday, July 25, 2011


Like modern day 'Lady Godiva’
she cycles through the sky,
pulling the “dog days” of summer behind her;
pleasant days turning hot and dry.

But surely, no “dog” is she,
this bright star that shines through the haze.
With only a single glance,
men weaken under her gaze;

while women become aroused--
as within them she lights a flame;
explaining celebration and sacrifice
that’s been given in her name.

She still spins her seasonal spell
that no mortal man may defy;
seducing all who dare to stare
at her brightness suspended on high.

© Ginny Brannan
Photo prompt courtesy Tess Kincaid at Magpie Tales
Magpie Tales #75


  1. A fabulous take on the prompt, gleaming through the skies.

  2. ...i like the idea of the modern day version of Lady Godiva... 'tis funny, i just asked the same thing in one of the blog i visited earlier... i like the way you incorporate positivism in this piece since dog-star was always dubbed in other country as bringer of floods and bad lucks.. thanks for the read!(:

    Brightest blessings!(:


  3. Yes, Lady Godiva on a bike -- I buy it...

  4. Wonderful! I love the notion of a modern Lady Godiva.

  5. vivid capture of her upbeat spirits, well done magpie.

  6. This is great - love the dog days of summer quote

  7. I really love the image of her pulling the dog days through the sky behind her. Delightful poem!

  8. She even rides side saddle - very demure!

  9. profound.

    come to say thank you for your support to short story slam.

    you have stunning imaginations.
    keep it up.

    invite you to join us for week 7 fun today.


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