Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beautifully Odd/Oddly Beautiful

“She’s rather odd," is what they say,
she’s not the same as you or me;
it seems her thoughts she can’t convey.
"She’s rather odd," is what they say;
with tiny mice she likes to play.
What do those lovely blue eyes see?
"She’s rather odd," is what they say;
she’s not the same as you or me…

©  Ginny Brannan July 2011

Photo: photographer Rosie Hardy

Sharing at d'Verse Poets Pub Form for All~Triolet 3/9/12. 


  1. Well done triolet, Ginny. Read it aloud and it doesn't seem to break flow. What I think is coolest is how for a tight form poem, and starting with the title, you've manged to create a quirky, memorable piece that leaves room for interpretation. Very impressed, especially due to the time constraint. Thanks for posting a great one. adam

  2. Interesting piece... such a tight piece, yet layered well with depth and meaning beyond the surfaces.

  3. ha. are we all just a bit odd...i am sure we are to someone...smiles. well written triolet...

    1. smiles....thanks for the flash back ginny...

  4. smiles...i remember that pic...i don't play with mice but def. have my own odd blue eyes though...smiles..great job on the form looks pretty flawless to me..

  5. I remember this picture too! A quirky verse about a quirky photograph - perfect!

  6. We are, as Brian has said, all a bit odd in our own ways.

    Nice triolet Ginny.

  7. My wife used to have pet rats, and yes she is a bit strange! :) Nicely worked poem to this odd photo.

  8. At least they're white ones - not the crawl on the roof type..eek. I suppose it's a bit odd but no more so than other exotics I guess like snakes (also eek). Like the form and tightness in getting the story told in the form. Well done!

  9. or is she exactly the same as you and me? ...


    Peace ☮

  10. Oh, lol, this form works so well for your subject/picture! The repetition really adds something. Nice one Ginny!


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