Monday, August 1, 2011

Throwing Money Away

We nicknamed him  ‘Sanford’
(remember that old ‘70’s T.V. show?)
a gray-haired man in a rickety truck
with patched-up fenders
and squeaky brakes.

Each weeknight he roams
a different neighborhood.
Sunday night is our turn…
slowly creeping past each house,
scanning trash for hidden treasure
he stops for a broken fan at one house,
a rusty patio chair at another,
and a bunch of wire hangers that
someone threw out down the block…
We had often speculated on this poor man
eking out his living collecting old scraps…

…until we saw him driving around town in his other car:
              a brand-new Mercedes

© Ginny Brannan July 2011

Photo prompt courtesy of Tess Kincaid, Magpie Tales #76


  1. ha. nice twist...perhaps the junk man saved it all up and is now enjoying the spoils...

  2. How funny! I've known fellows like him ....

  3. Great Magpie, I think I'm married to this junk collector, only no Mercedes in the garage.

  4. lol...Where there's junk, there's cash!

  5. ..ah, a wise and practical man.. gaining more from scraps.. it reminds me of one segment in ‘believe it or not’ wherein almost same tale was featured in the show.. i enjoyed it!(:


  6. Enterprising, indeed! I love that this is a true story.

  7. Geez, I want to browse your scrapheaps too. LOL

  8. A true story? Wonderful. Good for him.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  9. The junk man thriveth...loved this!

  10. Thats why they are so this Ginny!


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