Friday, July 1, 2011

Poseidon Awaits

Like a forest of trees just awaiting a breeze,
their masts are lined up in the bay.
Bobbing and floating, seems no one is boating
this beautiful warm summer day.

Where are their Skippers, those happy “day trippers?”
Perhaps they have all gone away…
Let us hoist our sail while the fair winds prevail,
enjoying the feel of the spray!
© Copyright Ginny Brannan July 2011
Photo prompt courtesy of Blue Bell Books Thursday Short Story Slam


  1. I'm not a big fan of rhyme but this, I loved. It is so joyful.

  2. Thanks Jingle!:-)

    @crowingcrone: So glad you liked, thank you!! More often than not, I prefer to write in a structured poetry format because it keeps me to a strict amount of words. I have a harder time with free verse because I tend to be a bit "wordy" and ramble on!!! But I too, am not a big fan of "rhyme" just for rhyme's sake, and just because a piece rhymes does not necessarily make it "good" or even make it "poetry!" Thanks again for your kind words, much appreciated. :-)

  3. I really enjoyed this! I like how you compared the masts to trees awaiting a breeze. It's funny how few people actually said and how many just sit around on their boats "bobbing and floating!"

  4. Sounds so lovely, wish we had a boat to float on for awhile.


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