Thursday, July 7, 2011

Planting Magic Seeds

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"Look what I planted!” is how she began;.
“I think that it’s magic!” she said with a grin.
“Just like Jack’s beanstalk, how tall it will grow,
and up it to fetch those gold eggs we will go!!”
I looked at her, smiled, nodded and said:
“We’ll climb it, it’s time for bed!”

May we view each day through our child’s eyes--
  with love, amazement and happy surprise.

 * * * * * * * * *
I remember a time when my own son was small, maybe not quite four, and we were walking to the store in winter. He would approach each snow mound, poke and kick it, saying that he thought it might hold long-lost buried treasure. As he ran ahead, I dropped a coin or two into one, so that I might see the amazement on his face as he discovered it on his return trip! Feeding a child’s imagination helps to foster and promote curiosity, and a lifelong joy of reading and quest for learning.

©Copyright Ginny Brannan July 2011


  1. magical indeed,
    playful and beautiful take.

  2. Awww this is beautiful and sweet love it

  3. what a lovely snapshot of childhood innocence. great story

  4. such lovely optimism! there is hope yet :)

  5. Love it, and I love when children are so curious and hopeful. : )

  6. This is purely delightful to read!!!!
    Simply wonderful!!! xxx

  7. Loved the purity of the write!

  8. Fresh , fun & it captures the innocence of youth in a delightful manner !


  9. Love the innocence captured. Thanks

  10. if only we do that --- living like a child then life is at its happiest....instead we think we are grown-ups and loose all those innocence.:(


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