Friday, July 15, 2011

Apollo Eclipsed

Image: Photobucket DSeif 28849

I am drawn to this lady of the night
in luminescent dress of mirrored light.
Beauty combined with mystery and grace,
inspiring poets and artists with her face.

Cerridwen, Luna, Artemis, Selene;
by these and many guises she is seen.
She casts her magical enchantments well,
even true cynics fall under her spell.

And mighty oceans are forced to comply
to mystical woman who rules the sky.
Sometimes her profile is all that we see,
but I favor her full face shining on me…

So turn me away from the harsh daylight,
I succumb to this beauty of the night.

©  Ginny Brannan June 2011

Moon Goddesses and deities:
Cerridwen=Welsh; Luna (Diana) Roman; Artemis and Selene=Greek. 
Apollo of course, Greek god of light and sun


  1. Gorgeous, Ginny. Exceptional work.

    I'm reminded of Byron here.

  2. love the rhyming, way to go.

    submit to poets rally any time today, miss you.

  3. Just gorgeous. I am in awe of the rhythm and rhyme. Fantastic.

  4. Absolutely stunning, the rhyme is superb. Divine tribute to the moon

  5. Lovely visions of the night, her beauty expressed with rhyme and motion.

  6. Quite the night song. Her pull at our center seems to move us all to poetry. She looms large in a number of mine. Thank you for your beauty and for linking today. Gay

  7. Ah yes.. the one you worried about getting no votes and it did well in the Challenge... it's a good piece Ginny, I think you are hard on yourself. This fits the Form Monday prompt well. I remember Apollo well from both school and University

  8. 'inspiring artists and poets with her face'
    How true that sentiment is. I love this poem, the rhythm and flow is perfect :)

  9. Lovely poem. Admiration well expressed. :)

  10. Nice poetry, full gentle pace - Cerridwen - beautiful!


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