Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Season of the Sun

Wheat Field With Rising Sun, Vincent van Gogh, 1889

Humid summer season lies before us
languid days and sultry nights combine--
listen, hear the crickets sing their chorus,
smell the sweet fruit ripen on the vine.

Across the valley, fields stretch on forever…
the tall wheat turning golden in the sun;
distant mountains call us to their coolness;
no respite until the day is done.

I wish these summer days could last forever--
basking under Helios’ glow.
Already, our long days are growing shorter…
seems that sadly, all good things must go.

© Copyright Ginny Brannan July 2011

Photo prompt courtesy Tess Kincaid, Magpie Tales #72
Shared at One Stop Poetry, One Shot Wednesday Week #53


  1. ...basking under Helios' glow...

    Loved this! Nice work, Ginny. Hope you had a great holiday!

  2. Beautiful poem ... I love the languid, lazy, luscious summer days too.

  3. Nice one Ginny - it sounds like our summers are quite similar. I, however, don't want them to go on forever...I'm autumn's child :o)

  4. Ah but Mary, I am fickle!! I love each season for it's uniqueness...summer for her length of days!

  5. I love summer days too! Too bad it is too short!

  6. "languid days." A perfect description of a summer day.

  7. Yes they don't last, as winter does come too fast. Unless you live somewhere warm all year around, then these days are always found.

    Nicely stated and yeah each season can be fun in it's own way.

  8. ah i miss the summer days as a kid that would never end adn we would play deep into the night...

  9. Beautiful. An Ode to Summer that even I can enjoy fully! (I do not like the heat.) This poem picks awesome memories that all of us have enjoyed and woven them together neatly. Refreshing!

  10. Wonderful ...I love the change of seasons also, but summer is sweet and the days are lovely and long...

  11. This was really excellent. I loved the flow of the words and the subtlety of the rhyme.
    I think your words created a gorgeous landscape of gold, even better than Van Gogh's piece here.

  12. You make summer sound utterly idyllic. Lovely.


  13. You captured summer perfectly here, beautiful piece! ~ Rose

  14. I agree beautiful depiction of summer, very vivid

  15. Absolutely delightful. Had to read it out loud.


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