Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Not Alone

Open your heart and let me in…
let me be the balm that soothes your pain,
the torch that keeps the shadows at bay.
Let me ferry you over the rocks that line your path,
protect you from the sleet that reigns on gray days
threatening to freeze you in this dark place.

Oh that I could wrap you in these arms
and hold you until you felt safe!

I am here.

I cannot cure your ills,
only remind you
that you have been
and will always be
a part of me.

Accept the love I send...
let it envelope you
ward you up against this storm
and remind you
that you are

© Ginny Brannan 2013
(*Reigns rather than "rains": my word of choice meaning to rule, be predominate or prevalent)


  1. smiles...i imagine this quite comforting to the one its intended...a warm invitation to remember that you are there for them and desire to be so...


  2. so well put ginny: what i wouldnt give to have someone
    say this to me directly, because it feels so unconditional,
    no but's or if's just love :)


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