Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Arise the chill that stills the air
and pierces deep into the bone;
in gelid voice articulate
through frozen words that penetrate
with no intention to atone.

I stand unsheltered and alone
against this fierce hibernal storm;
in polar winds that paralyze,
while knowing there’s no compromise
as blood congeals and limbs grow numb.

When did this endless winter come?
Its sepsis seeps into my soul.
The permafrost invades my core,
and shatters on its frozen shore
any hope of being whole.

An arctic heart devoid of warmth
…a fractured heart that beats no more

© Ginny Brannan January 2013

Sharing at d'Verse Poets Open Link Night Week #81


  1. unsheltered and alone...that will def attribute to the heart growing cold as well...all too real for me as i was dealing with a student that is in such anguish over losing his first love...we had to hospitalize him today....its brutal to watch....

  2. First love. Can still remember coming down hard from mine at 17, and watching my son do the same at about the same age. Emotional pain can hurt so much more than physical. Tough to see them in such anguish, knowing you can't fix it, that they have to find the light in that tunnel on their own.

  3. There are so many things that can bring such chill to live, but lost love freezes quicker and more complete than most anything...great piece Ginny.

  4. "Its sepsis seeps into my soul." wow!

  5. This is heavy stuff, Ginny! Wonderful writing!

  6. Great rhyming structure and description of a deeply melancholic state. Great piece.

  7. Wow, this is filled with great lines, great images, great music. And deep emotion. Love it.

  8. Metaphorically, I was rocked by the emotions in your poem. Taken as a weather poem, it is already chilling but metaphorically, as an ending of a relationship of some sort, this powerhouse is incredible. It could just be my mood today but wow.

  9. poignant Ginny. enjoyed this piece, xC.


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