Thursday, January 17, 2013

In the Words

Written for NWCU WWUC 1/17/13:

Image: Appetite for Photos, with permission

The stone cold face expelled all hope
of ever coming back again
and for awhile I stayed afloat
but then discovered leaky boat

With each rejection darkness grew
I tried to ride the winds of change
but craft continued to sink down
I knew that I would surely drown

He saw the signal of distress
and shared a light to guide me home
and through the rain and bitter cold
it steered me past the rocky shoals

I’d lost my compass on the way
but in the words I found my map
and when the sun broke through the dawn
I'd learned that I could carry on.

© Ginny Brannan January 2013

For Wednesday Wake Up Call we are invited to share when the desire to create first hit us. For me it was at a pivotal point in my life, after losing job of 18 years. Had always seen the glass as half full, until suddenly it wasn’t anymore. My best friend suggested I try writing as a creative way to vent what I was going through. But along the way I discovered something I really enjoyed. For some it is second nature to write, others a calling, for me it was and still is a way to express feelings, events, emotions, bits and pieces of life that are just waiting to be written. 


  1. the lighthouse is a wonderful symbol and great to have those friends too...and i am glad you found writing ginny....

  2. Beautiful does toss us on some dark waters at times..thank goodness your friend was your lighthouse. Those who read your wonderful work are the beneficiaries.

  3. Strong and touching. A delight to read.


Thank you for reading my poetry and sharing your thoughts.