Monday, January 7, 2013

Bella Luna (Lunes)

Trying a format featured at d'Verse Form For All called the Lune 
Sharing at d'Verse Poets Open Link Night #78, since I missed Form for All!

pale moon slowly ebbs
darkened sky
awaits a new dawn

hope shines elusive
a bright star
just beyond our reach

inspiration comes
in wee morning hours

the dawn breaks
I watch through my window
as world awakens

© Ginny Brannan January 2012

The Lune is known as the American haiku.  Robert Kelly, American poet, studied haiku, and altered the form to fit English with a 5-3-5 syllable count, and omitting capitalization and end punctuation. There are no requirements on having a nature theme, the poem may rhyme or not, may use similes or metaphors or any other poetic device. 
There is also another form of the lune, in some ways simpler, and thus more widely taught in the primary and secondary schools. American poet and essayist Jack Collom created this alternative version. In Collom’s version, words are counted instead of syllables, and the structure is a count of 3-5-3 words. This version was apparently created by accident, when Collom was working with schoolchildren, and he misremembered Kelly’s structure. The new form stuck because words were easier for children to count than syllables – thus making it easier and more enjoyable for them to create poetry. The form has been taught this way for over 35 years.
*The first 3 are in Kelly's format, the last in Collom's.


  1. ...watching the moon at night 'til the dawn breaks is what i often do... i guess that's the gift of being insomniac... lovely lunes...smiles...

  2. i love the awakening of the world...and always look for that hope...ever just out of our reach...i hope it carries us ever forward...smiles.

  3. Your last stanza is my favorite time. It also speaks to me about how the idea and the verse arise in my head when I'm ready to write a poem. This has a lot of layers for me. Very nice job, Ginny. And congratulations on having your earlier poem turned to music. I saw your post, just procrastinated in answering...Mea Culpa! Don't bother to visit back---no post from me tonight.

  4. Thank you for the lesson. Beautiful pieces! :)

  5. Ahh this is magic! This is when I'd write if I could. Love the new hope dawn brings. Beautiful images :)

  6. I'm beginning to become a morning person, & this poem motivates me even more to become one. Good poets are great observers. You're definitely no exception to that.

  7. So smooth, I hated that it had to end.


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