Monday, August 22, 2011


Could it be that grace’s fall was preordained and planned...
seduction dwelling dormant in soft shadow of the trees--
one person finding comfort in another’s company,
while wonders of this garden lay awaiting their command.

Did evil slither into heart of female, male’s to find...
blackening the innocence of simple naked form;
forever now remembered for the wrath of Maker’s scorn,
the tempted and the temptress condemning humankind.

© Ginny Brannan August 2011

Internet photo, Google, Images, Adam & Eve

Written for The Gooseberry Garden, a new site for the Jingle Poetry community, for their Poetry Picnic Week 1 challenge: Adam and Eve. 


  1. lovely wonders, my dear, you rock.

    thanks for the profound contribution!

  2. Very nice poem, Ginny. Food for thought...

    Here is my offering for this first Gooseberry Garden picnic:

  3. Oh man, I really like this one. I read and reread it because it's beautiful and complex. Wonderful :)

  4. Great much to think about..."Could it be that grace's fall was preordained and planned" love this line!

  5. lovely thoughts, it is amazing how we can find so many interpretations based on one single fact.

  6. Seems a few of us have lost ourselves in the garden this evening! Thought this a fantastic write, and the selected image as alive with colour as the poetry. Happy OpenLinkNight! :)

  7. Timeless sentiments and great imagination. A very great deal packed into few lines. I enjoyed this.

  8. Very imaginitive piece, great job rifting off of it and making it your own.

  9. i think they had a great time in that garden and weren't aware of what they would lose until it happened...great job of weaving this into today with your poem

  10. I enjoyed this piece...lovely!

  11. i can not imagine the loss after losing what they had in the close to a perfect life...yet we continue to make those decisions...

  12. Beautiful and incredibly well thought through. This is fab.


  13. Naw. Personnally I was born innocent and still get shamelessly naked whenever I can.
    Charles Elliott


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