Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Letter to Susan...

Dearest Susan,

We shared an understanding
that forewent explanation—
a camaraderie; knowledge
gleaned through time and friendship
and being family.
One look, a word or two
would send us into fits of laughter,
all those wonderful private jokes  
we shared —
the ones only family
could understand.

I miss your smile, your voice
the warmth and comfort
of your presence...
yet I know you are still near,
I can feel you, hear you.
Remember Columbus Day
spent at The Cape
all those years ago?
Our boys were so small then.
Last week at The Cape
you were there
reminiscing along side us
as we drove by the places
of our shared memories.

And each time Ray laughs
that wonderfully unique
loud rolling belly laugh of his—
I can hear you too,
laughing right along with him.
(I know how you much you loved that laugh!)

No Susan, you are not gone,
for you are right here
inside me
next to my heart
where all whom I love reside.

At dVerse Poetics today we are writing letters. This was written last October for my dearest sister-in-law on the first anniversary of her passing.


  1. Truly heartfelt and melancholic - thank you for participating my prompt and sharing this.

  2. So heartfelt and yet, so full of the joy of her life and your relationship. I feel she has received this letter and it is making her smile.

  3. I like the personal tone of this poem. We all do need to find a way to carry a person inside of us, to keep their memory and to hold them near, once they have gone. This is important for mourning, I think, plus important for moving on.

  4. This is a beautiful and moving letter, Ginny. There are a few people whose life impacted me and for whom I feel the same kind of feelings.

  5. awh... i didn't see that coming... lovely write

  6. Had me in tears. My dad will be gone from us 21 years this Friday- and of the many things I miss, its his laugh that I may miss the most. Thank you for sharing this precious memory with us.

  7. This really got to me, Ginny. I lost my sister in 2004 and I can't believe how often I think--"Oh, I've got to call Cris and tell her..." I think many of us will be able to relate to this.

  8. A powerful piece, and a wonderful way to keep a loved one close.

  9. " reminiscing along side us
    as we drove by the places
    of our shared memories"
    These are my favourite lines.

    It is amazing when you can feel the love and presence of those who have passed on. Beautiful. :)

  10. very nicely said - some friends are like a part of ourselves.

  11. Touching tribute to your sister-in-law - and they do live on in our memories, in their children...

  12. Touching... She was a friend and a sister. She lives on through all of you.

  13. Those last two a powerful punch of grief and sweetness.

  14. Death has stalked the loved ones in my life relentlessly, starting with my mother at 39, father at 54, grandparents, in-laws; so yes, that extra chamber within, connected to the heart, can be, unfortunately, quite expansive; your piece had me revisit that place again; thanks.

  15. This is so beautiful and heartfelt, Ginny. Yes, they do reside forever by our hearts, don't they?

  16. Lovely poem. I was touched. :)

  17. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt letter with us. Peace, Linda

  18. The Susan's of time gone past and time in eyes.. of heart and life in feeling us.. a friendship is love.. a new a live in now.. that continues on.. as long as eyes.. glow and grow in Love..:)

  19. This is very moving and lovely, makes me misty-eyed.

  20. What a heart-felt letter, Ginny. Hopefully she's reading it now too. xx


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