Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Balancing the Quill's Edge...

Life calls us to participate
to be involved,  appreciate
at times diverting from our dreams
     —that other world where we exist 
     among the words; between the lines—
ever poised upon quill's edge
stretched and bent, not letting go
till something snaps or something gives.

The time arrives for us to choose
between two lovers courted long:
impassioned mistress that we love
or family and common bond
    — only we can weigh the cost
      of which we can afford to loose.

Our choice it seems was always clear
     —  ambivalent as we may be
       to have to choose between the two…
we must defer to loved ones near,
relinquishing the stranger's pull,
just for a time we sever ties
to re-embrace our blood and bond.

dreams cannot be pacified
nor circumscribed, nor stilled for long
We type a word, pick up the pen
slip in a moment now and then…
    —for to ignore our muse’s call
      would mean we do not "live" at all

©    Ginny Brannan 2014

For a friend I observed being 'torn between two loves,'  family and writing; and for all of us who've felt this tug of war.


  1. its not an easy conundrum...writing without family would be like losing the muse for me...there has to be a balance there...and finding it is not easy, but...i think the family can appreciate the passion as long as it is not all consuming...

  2. Ginny,
    There are so many different distractions...many of them, family included, so important. It's amazing we get anything written at all. You outlined a very real conflict here. Artfully done!


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