Thursday, October 30, 2014

…Or Was It?

Into the twilight I went walking
vestige of daylight taking flight,
threshold of evening fast now falling
revealing a veiled and moonless night.
Dry leaves give chase along the footpath
tree limbs stretch bare for all to see...
boney, their arms move in the darkness
—boney wood fingers reach for me—
“Faster” I will my legs, “keep moving.”
“It’s only the wind that creaks the tree.’
Overly active imagination
says: ” No…something darker waits for thee.”
I sprint up the hill past stone wall sentries
as rational thoughts give way to fear—
even the streetlamps flicker slightly
familiar surroundings become austere.
Ever so softly, I hear strange voices…
inaudible words chant spells unknown;
shadowy creatures dance in the half-light
lying half-hidden in the gloam.
“Reveal yourselves!” scream becomes a whisper
—heart palpitating anxiously—
Over my shoulder a chill breath answers
can sense stranger’s eyes intent on me.
Clearing the mountain,  full moon rises
annulling the fears that spirits roam
‘Twas only aberrant imagination
to wrangle my thoughts as I turn home.

© Ginny Brannan 2014
*Image from author's hometown.


  1. This is a delight to read, Ginny. It's so filled with a sense of spirits it almost felt like something from the 1800s to me. A great capture of the season!

    1. Thank you, Steve. This was an easy one to write, just tapped into my childhood fears!

  2., i think we have all been there...i grew up in the woods so i am used to the sounds of the woods but even still, it gets me occasionally....smiles.

    1. Brian, I lived on a street at the top of that hill in the image shared, a hill surrounded on both sides by wooded embankments. Evening falls early in N.E. during Fall and Winter months. Many's the time in my youth that I sprinted that hill to get home, imagining the evils that could be lurking there!

  3. Yeah...keep telling yourself that! Delightfully eerie piece, Ginny!


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