Friday, October 10, 2014

A Little Night Nonsense

Long day brakes to find the night…
manic roamers make their rounds,
Hands keep moving, best step lively;
melting minutes can’t be found.

Skip the curb to dart asunder,
missed a kiss by just one slip—
petals light on concrete steps;
tempered-crystal dreams encrypt.

Fluffy felines filled…felled…snoring,
find the soft and lose the shoe;
hear the feathers, pale moon calling;
pirouette, and bid adieu.

©  Ginny Brannan 2014

d'Verse Poets Meeting the Bar: Verbal Cubism and Tender Buttons invites us to release that flow of word without restraint to grammar or meaning, similar to what a cubist painter would do, break it apart and present it again. A late attempt, but thought it might be fun to try! (Oh, and rhyming is not a criteria, but I somehow slipped into it anyways. Long day, this is where I bid adieu!)


  1. I think you captured the spirit of the prompt very well. Like the fact that day "brakes" into night, a sudden slamming, even. Also "find the soft and lose the shoe". Nicely done. Thank you.

  2. beautiful......specially last three lines...

  3. I love this.. Such a cool response to the prompt - the fluff of felines is so nice -
    The rhymes and alliterations is exactly what I wanted to see :-)

  4. there is quite a bit of night magic going on in your verse....beautiful..

  5. You really wrote a good one...true to the form of the prompt!

  6. Your night nonsense made me smile. The last stanza really is charming!

  7. drat, i hate to miss those kisses....smiles....
    now dance on....ha.

  8. It feels like a dance for me....and I assume - the kids are involved here.... nice :)


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