Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sweet Dreams

Written for dVerse Poetics: The Mind of a Child—hosted by Victoria C. Slotto

One night when I was tucked in bed
I had a dream inside my head…

a magic place for someone small
existed through my bedroom wall.

So it was really kind of weird
when a tiny door appeared;

while mom & daddy thought I slept
over to the door I crept,

Without a key it opened wide,
quietly I slipped inside

and in the glow of soft warm light
before me an amazing sight:

on shelves, and tables, even floor
everywhere were toys galore…

teddy bears and dolls and books
covered even smallest nook.

So many little things to see—
I touched each one so carefully;

I played for hours or so it seems
I did not want to leave this dream.

 I woke with sunshine on my face
the door was gone without a trace.

I searched each night for many days,
but somehow knew it went away—

to find another child in need
for magic room exists, indeed!

© Ginny Brannan 2013


  1. cool...and there are many stories similar and in movies of that special place kids are spirited away to..i like the thought that it vists those that need it...

  2. Love this...It reminds me of The Lion The Witch and The many doors to imagination.

  3. This is so precious, Ginny--all the more so knowing that it is based on a dream you had as a child. Pure delight...and I guess we do continue to search for those magic rooms, don't we?

  4. Love this magic... sounds like some strange dreams I have had too..loved the sweet rhymes too.

  5. ahhhh I want to go to that magic place - thanks for bringing the wonder of childhood to us today - K

  6. This is very lovely and I especially like that the tiny room went off to find another child in need. Cool!

  7. That was grand in your land, rhyming away with a magical display

  8. super charming, Ginnie. Thanks. k. (Karin at Manicddaily on Wordpress.) k.

  9. Wonderful perceptive of the child's desires and dreams. Fine work (again) Ginny.

  10. To find another child in need! And again, just charming artwork. Lovely poem.


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