Sunday, October 6, 2013

Congressional Pie a la Mode

Our leaders tend to disagree
on what is best for you and me—
and so, in limbo once again
we try to bear it with a grin.

I cannot help but to surmise
that over ice cream and some pies,
perhaps they finally could agree
to work it out for you and me.

©  Ginny Brannan 2013

Can’t a little ice cream and pie solve everything?!!  Ah, that life could be that simple!


  1. Wonderfully done.

    I'm headed for pie and ice cream.

  2. Oh yes.. Pie would help. The disagreement into limbo is scary

  3. Oh, if only...I am getting awfully tired of this particular limbo.

  4. ha nice... i def. think that a little ice cream and pie could solve a lot of things... so we should feed our politiicans better...smiles

  5. if we sat down over a meal, maybe would could meet on cordial terms and talk...this closure is ridiculous...esp considering they are promising back wages to employees so what is it really saving? nothing...

  6. Well, why not ~ I would certainly not mind that ice cream & pie ~

  7. Pie makes everybody happy, happy, happy! :-) I like how you wrote this. Well done.

  8. I too like your pie I mean poem! Yes, I wish life could be as simple as that~


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