Sunday, October 13, 2013


When all falls dark upon this world
the daylight lost to hardened night
our compass stuck within the void
our sails slip tattered and unfurled.
When even moon can’t guide our course
the clouds have swallowed all its light;
and waves are stilled to silent calm
our hope abandoned on the shoals.
When ink has robbed us of our sight
despondency infests our bones
we stave the dark to wait for dawn…
For in His light the shadows flee—
we mend the sails, reset our tack…
the soft warm breeze soothes like a balm;
we stem the tide to carry on.

© Ginny Brannan October 2013
Sharing @dVerse Open Link Night #118
C. Parant Sunrise, Wells, Maine Appetite for Photos (with permission)


  1. one promise...the dawn comes after the dark...and if we carry on through we will get to it...though at times it seems to last forever...smiles.

    1. you should read charles' piece...very similar wavelengths you two...

  2. Hope and faith can tide us over any hurdle:)

  3. I liked how this came through to the light.

  4. there can be times when darkness seems to last forever... so good when some rays of light appear again and we gain new courage as well... a felt write..

  5. This is such a good metaphor and a lovely form.. the message of hope at the end is excellent.. I understand it so well in light of the comment on OLN

  6. We can get there in the end if we just keep on a trucking, at least most times

  7. I like the turn from darkness to light ~ There's hope as we mend the sails and continue our journey ~

  8. In first light the shadows flee, we mend the sails ....gorgeous lines, Ginny. I love the hope in this.

  9. I wake in the middle of the night and feel like that sometimes. Well painted image in both cases.

  10. I am very sorry to learn of your loss. I am sending light and hugs.

  11. The dawn can seem such a long time coming when we're in the dark of night. Beautiful write.

  12. Excellent use of rhyme! It's a hard trick to make it not sound sing-song or clunky.

  13. More than just the rhyme. This is a great poem.

  14. What wonderful pace and style. A fully developed exemplification of the metaphor. Very fine work.


  15. Ah! This is powerfully inspirational. I see it being quoted by people needing to be inspired to believe again Ginny. You have penned more than just a poem, it has the potential to mean something more than a poem to people facing difficulty. As a fan of yours your poetry continues to inspire me. Keep sharing with us the gift of your words.


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