Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Light and Shadows

Image: G.Brannan, Looking down river, Bellows Falls, VT
In your reflection…
no one sees the hurtful leers,
nor gleans the snide remarks
              that still adhere.
Your small town streets
feel stifled now; filled
with close-clung houses;
a place where the stain,
the self-conscious pain
of adolescence long past
              still remain.

In your reflection…
you look almost pristine.
Clean and neat, the dirt
on the streets invisible
            (to most)
no hint of the ways you betrayed.
Those who talked have long since walked—
the ones that remain—no longer as bold;
and hopefully wiser, not just old.

In your reflection…
lie childhood dreams of redemption.
I left the fray, walked away…
kept the hidden hurts at bay.
This was never a place of my own,
             never my home.
In your reflection…
the dawn breaks to erase
all the shadows I left behind.

© Ginny Brannan 2013 

 Image: Southbound on Connecticut River looking towards Bellows Falls, VT. This is a little different for me, kind of a free-flow of thoughts and words. Some internal rhymes but no structure, meter, or format per se. Not sure if it really works.

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  1. This takes one down the memory lane. Nice!

  2. Oh, I think it does work - softly nostalgic and internal rhyme does wonders and I see your rhythm chimes in just at the right places. I want more of this :)

  3. i am glad for the dawn break...to take us from the shadows of those places...places never our home, but maybe for just a time...

  4. Very coherent and well crafted writing Ginny - I enjoyed and really felt this... Thanks - With Best Wishes Scott www.scotthastie.com

  5. The dawn shines through bringing things anew

  6. I like the use of the refrain - in your reflection..we can see a lot in a
    reflective moment..

  7. i like the reflective voice in this...the seeing and connecting to emotions... some places have felt for me like home even though they weren't - others stay strangely distant - even after years...

  8. A painful, honest write reflecting the truth...

  9. Ginny, I love the transition between the concrete and abstract, the personal and impersonal. That's the beauty in your writing to me. You are master at contrast. For me it illuminates your work. Lovely my friend, lovely.

  10. Beautifully executed vision of what you see...but what mirrors and others cannot see...lovely!~jackie~

  11. I like the rhyme and the "close-clung" houses.

  12. sometimes thoughts are the best..small towns leave us with thoughts, reminders and hurts - once left hard to recall...it works for me...bkm


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