Monday, September 3, 2012

On the Periphery

Summer Night, 1913, by Albert Bloch

Felt but never seen,
dancing on peripheral vision--
a movement, a shadow...

Lights flicker upon entering a room,
automatic doors open to no one there,
footsteps echo on empty stairwells... 

What magic is this?

Stories sieved through generations,
folklore igniting imaginations;
spectres, fairies, will-o’the wisps…

What happens to life energy when we pass?
Does it dissipate to a different state,
drifting astral plane until final calling?

Fine hairs on back of neck stand attention,
mysteries passing comprehension--
as truth awaits our circumspection.

© Ginny Brannan September 2012

Image by Author

Sharing at The Mag #133: They provide the image, we the story! 


  1. of those questions i would love to sit and ponder....what happens to our energy....does it rejoin the global it what carries us into the next life....

  2. I like the peripheral vision angle ... nice.

  3. I think there are X amount of other dimensions that co-exist alongside this one and, because we wear blinkers and have been 'conditioned' to unlearn everything we know when we are born and as children, we forget how to tap into the magic that exists around us.
    This is a lovely read Ginny.

  4. Important questions - here you mix wish - magic - and spirituality both beautifully. k.

  5. Thoughtful, creative, provocative...

  6. This is thought provoking...I like your questions, even if I like to believe in magic, there are many unsolved mysteries ~

  7. Mysterious and thought-provoking... I especially like the final 5 lines and your eerie picture is perfect!

  8. Shiveringly, subtle and posing the eternal question. If only we knew the answer, but those little whispers and invisible kisses makeus even more doubtful.

  9. The hair on the back of my neck stood up too...

  10. Hey Ginny, this is cool, and begs the question, why did we let those worlds fade from our imagination, apart from a lucky few like you . Was it our all pervasive monotheistic patriarchal sky god and his latest incarnation, " the market " . The "enlightenment " , reason and the empirical scientific method , all devices we use to shield ourselves from the three quarters of the ice berg that are equally real, i feel.
    Thanks a lot .

  11. Very atmospheric, Ginny.... fine writing

  12. dancing on peripheral vision- Yes, they do seem to be doing that, like we can't get a full on, clear view of them. This makes me think you have been in a house that made you feel this way. And the photo is amazing! I like it better than the painting! not to mention your free verse - was it hard not to rhyme? :)

    1. This is actually a meshing of many ideas--the automatic door, true--opening and closing by itself at work one day. The lights, that was from a coworker. I work in a Nursing home/Rehab facility. Many elderly have passed, and a nurse mentioned how when working at night and walking by certain rooms sometimes the lights flicker... Footsteps on experience while babysitting as a teen. Folklore, faeries--stories from Ireland about homes built across "fairy" paths, where owners wake up to furniture rearranged. The mysteries passing comprehension each subject to our own perception!!


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