Friday, September 21, 2012

Perfect Serenity

Past the witching hour
entering the realm where
reality ebbs into nocturne.
Family fast asleep;
each breath, each snore
comforting in the dark.
Time ticks on the mantle…

seconds pass, uncounted.
Enveloped in quiet,
reflecting on the day--
enjoying the solitude,
no interruptions…
I hear my inner voice
turning, churning, creating…
yesterday fades; tomorrow awaits.

© Ginny Brannan September 2012

*Written for d’Verse Poets Meeting the Bar: BeautifulSolitude, hosted by Claudia Schoenfeld. 
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  1. nice.. precious times when we're up alone, fam already sleeping..reality ebbing into nocturne...beautiful ginny..

  2. Ginny, this is perfect. Love the rhythm, love the words, all well chosen and descriptive. Succinct and memorable. Wonderful poetry.

  3. And to account for the second stanza's acrostic, it DOES leave me with a true sense of the serene.

    Well done, M'am, this is one of the best so far.

  4. And where's the 'Like' button? :-)

  5. taking that breath at the end of the day and knowing it is done...and hopefully done well...smiles.

  6. I loved that. My time is morning, but it is similar. The family sleeps, safe, happy and I can live with them in solitude for a few hours and enjoy their awakening.
    I loved this poem -- seriously. Different times of the day, but same experience.

  7. I love that time of day, and you have rendered it beautifully here!

  8. Ah - agreed - such a great time and you've caught some of that stillness here. k.

  9. A wonderful write, Ginny. I have experienced this feeling--this place in time--on many nights. You describe the experince beautifully!


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