Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Memoriam

Photo: MA Live.com

In Memoriam 

Old rusted piece of twisted steel
arrives flag-draped on flatbed truck;
a gift now shared to help us heal.
Old rusted piece twisted steel
reminds us of black day surreal
when our world seemed to run amok.
Old rusted piece of twisted steel --
our pain unveiled on flatbed truck.

© Copyright Ginny Brannan

Inspired by the image above of of flag-draped I-beam, a piece from the WTC being transported into Springfield, MA to be erected in Forest Park as a memorial to 9/11. 
Top photo:  Springfield F.D. and P.D. stand at attention, as flag-draped beam arrives.

Photo by G.Brannan
Second Photo: Memorial in our little town: base shaped like the Pentagon, the two stone supports represent the WTC, and the surrounding grass represents field in PA where United Flight 93 went down. Dedicated 9/11/11
Bottom Photo:  This temporary cardboard plaque will be replaced by a bronze one of the same design. 

Photo: G. Brannan
Written September 2011, 10 year anniversary of 9/11.
Sharing at d'Verse Poets Pub Open Link Night #61 9/11/12


  1. Ginny! Ghosts dance between the lines of this piece...and tears fall. So much was lost that day...I watched from a distance, and walked away a totally different person. Still seems all so much like a dream...the head and heart connect well with this write...a fitting, and perfectly penned piece.

  2. Ginny, you capture my heart and emotions with this 9/11 tribute.

  3. our pain enveiled on flatbed truck--how many tears--wonderful piece Ginny

  4. very nice Ginny. so much emotion in that piece of steel

  5. All carried within the truck, as said well captured.

  6. wow can imagine seeing that...a tangible reminder of that day...of all the people...a hard day...one i will never forget or numb to....

  7. An amazing write. How moving to read that your town has a memorial made from a beam from the WTC. May we never forget that day.

  8. That's so cool. The poem and the sculpture both! They are both distilled and evocative. Ironically we have a piece of the Berlin Wall here in downtown NYC. Thanks. K

  9. The triolet works really well here. Enjoyed this, Ginny!

  10. Ginny,
    You give us such a measured and somber tone here. Your writing is as much a monument as any physical entity could be. This is very memorable. I hope you disseminate this widely. It's a treasure.

  11. Ginny, you shock me,

    posted on September 15, but today is 12th...

    keep tickling.

    1. Posted originally Sept. 15, 2011, that would be!!!

  12. A moving piece--a well done ode to remembrance. Thanks for sharing.

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