Sunday, January 15, 2012

On Building Walls…

Smiling fortitudinous,
the wall goes up

Rebuking family;
obscured in chosen oblivion...
Soul saved; who saves
the rest, my sister-friend?

Why don’t you fight?

Are we selfish to want you to stay,
or you, in giving up so easily?

We ache, knowing inevitable destiny

…as you smile behind your wall.

© Ginny Brannan January 2012
Sharing at d'Verse Poets Pub Open Link Night Week #27 1/17/12


  1. I am happy to have found you! Your words are moving- blessed with the talent of how you use and share your words, your thoughts, your POETRY.
    Please come visit to see what I had to say about your blog :)
    Much Peace

  2. What a beautiful poem. So much emotion. I am your newest follower thanks to Michelle. :)

  3. there were times in my life when i built walls too high and thick for anyone to cross them...and it needed time and love to let them down... a beautiful poem ginny and i can understand that people outside the wall feel helpless... but the person who's behind the wall is afraid and needs to learn to trust slowly..

  4. There is sadness and helplessness...I have seen this happened. But unless the person makes a choice, its her life to stay or go.

    Nice one ~

  5. Very thoughtful, Ginny, and moving. This is excellent.

  6. Thought provoking write! Just excellent!


  7. Building walls are never good. your right it is so selfish to do that to people we love

  8. You paint the picture vividly, a sense of frustration and helplessness.

  9. Sometimes the walls are there to help other times they just seem to close in, very thought provoking indeed.

  10. hello walls.. so funny, it's scary when they come down...but scarier fearing you'll never be free from capture the feeling of the other side looking in as well Ginny....nice piece :)

  11. "As you smile behind your wall" ... its painful to let go.. I could relate to this pain... Thanks for sharing..


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