Monday, January 2, 2012

Love Undying

He comes to visit each day,
reminding us as he enters that he’ll
be taking her home as soon as she’s
better, as soon as she’s stronger;
his dear sweet wife.

He lives for this woman, now mute
regressed in her memory--
holding tightly to a baby doll
perhaps for comfort, or perhaps
lost in vision of childhood
long past.

He gently wheels her through the halls
as though on some grand tour--
then he sits on the sofa in the hall
and lovingly clasps her pale parchment hand.
Talking softly, he asks

“Do you know what day today is?
It’s New Years eve day”

........“Can you hear me?”

........“Do you know who I am?”

and I wonder …

When I am old and lost in my thoughts
will someone come to see me each day,
gently take me by the hand--
and quietly remind me who I am?

©  Ginny Brannan  January 2012
Calling this one of my "Tales from the Inside." My day job is at nursing home/rehab center. Some stories are worth sharing, this is one of them.
Image: Google Search, Old Couple (Serensojo71)

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Love Undying by gbrannan


  1. This is so beautiful Ginny...It reminds me of my father with my mother. She had Alzheimer's and he went to the nursing home almost every day until her death.

  2. ginny...this is a tender story....i am glad that she has him...that he remains faithful even after....a rare sight and glad you caught a bit of them...

  3. How lovely, Ginny - now that's what I call LOVE... And we should all be so lucky as to have someone like him when we are old.
    A beautiful story, beautifully expressed, thank you.

  4. Very thoughtful and relevant writing here, Ginny. And the experience of it was heightened by the voiceover. Excellent piece.

  5. Ginny, this is sweet and beautiful. So sad. My dad and mom loved each other for sixty years...and sometimes I wonder the same. By the way I added a note to my poem. My mom passed away in 2009 and my poem was a reflection I thought about the other day. I write a lot about losing them and I took it for granted that it was known.
    Thank you for your thoughts...I am still in pain...and I appreciate your thoughts.

  6. First of all, the image is amazing. I love the tenderness.Such a beautiful love story with that touch of wistful longing at the end. No worries, I'll hold your hand.

  7. tender and tearjerking; none wish to age alone.

  8. oh wow...what beautiful, tender and real love.. she can be so thankful to have someone like him...very moving and well written ginny

  9. undying love, indeed!
    how beautiful. what a wonderful person he is.
    as we 'of a certain age' age, we all wonder about such things as this, into that 'cloudy' future.
    she is both fortunate & unfortunate. My wish upon this world: we had the former & lacked the latter…but, Alas! Tis not.
    great piece….thank you for sharing…it was indeed a nice poem to share.

  10. will someone come to see me each day,
    gently take me by the hand--
    and quietly remind me who I am?

    hmm. The whole poem fills me with wonder and thankfulness. You must see miracles every day.

  11. WELL worth sharing! Fantastic telling at the hands of your pen.

  12. just leave me the address is will drop in...smiles...heartfelt ginny...i hope someone comes see me...


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