Monday, January 16, 2012

"All Around Wonderful" Blog Recognition

Honored to be recognized by Michelle at All Around Wonderful
for my poetry blog, and would like to thank my friend Susie Clevenger for nominating me.

Michelle asks that I share three blogs that I feel are "wonderful" to receive this award.Very difficult, as I follow some really amazing poets, writers, and photographers, but here are three of the many wonderful blogs that I follow! (Okay, technically 4 blogs, yes, but 3 bloggers!)

Weaving her poetry with beautiful words, wonderful metaphor, 
and a wee bit of humor! 

Appetite for Words: Observing the everyday in his own unique way.
 Appetite for Photos: a collection of nature, scenics, black and whites, 
and historical photographs. Previously published in Vermont Life, 
Yankee magazine, and Seacoast Life, to name a few.

Margaret's keen eye for beauty is seen in her wonderful photography,
and in the words she chooses to express her poetry.


  1. Hello Ginny,

    Congratulations on receiving this wonderful award.

    I also congratulate the other wonderful bloggers to whom you have passed on this award. I will also visit them.

    Best wishes for all success,

  2. Congratulations Ginny!!! (and you have wonderful taste, lol) er... I mean thank you for the mention!


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