Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Soft "Hello"

What change is this that whispers in
on padded feet in stealth disguise…
inspiring poet’s pens to write—
to try to capture once again
the vistas spread within our sight?
In silent awe we feast our eyes  
on scarlets, ambers, wines and gold;
we struggle ever to describe—
in thoughts expressed—to realize
with words, though often used before—
retell the story, fresh and bold.
“How to reveal such season, grand?”
concedes the writer, meek and small.
Our poems join with the thousandfold;
yet still, they fail to verbalize…

for brushstrokes from the Master’s hand
fall short within the words of man.

©  Ginny Brannan 2013

Image: Google Images: Rob McKay 2010

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  1. love those last 2 lines...this time of year it is def like a painting in the mountains...the sprinkles of color before the long sleep....yeah we wont ever quite capture that...smiles.

  2. Such a beautiful poem of the image with your words!

  3. Ginny,

    What a wonderful ode to the season. You make the meter serve your ideas, and not vice versa. A real mastery of rhythm and rhyme.

  4. yet still, they fail to verbalize…

    for brushstrokes from the Master’s hand
    fall short within the words of true...we try and try... and don't even get moment outside with all the colors and we're just spellbound...and still...wanna write it down and paint it on canvas...

  5. Wow, those last two lines reached out & grabbed me, almost forcing me to read it again... and again... and... :)

  6. I think it's amazing how given the same topic, we all come up with completely different thoughts and ideas. Beautifully expressed, Ginny.

  7. Yes, that ending is incredible and it's all so true, there are some things on this earth that defy description. Lovely!

  8. I thought I commented on this before... Is this newly written tonight?

    Retelling the same story perhaps, but yet so different - and if I have read this poem before, I love it. (off to read it on more time:)

    1. Margaret, I also shared this as a "note" on FB, that is where your comment is! Thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment here also!

  9. Love the ending too... A picture paints a thousand words, but a thousand words can not paint a picture...

  10. Our words may fall short, but some, like yours here, don't miss by much. We may never be able to fully describe the wonders of the creation, nor do full honour to the creator, but that should not stop us trying.

  11. You expressed the feeling of trying to put the wonder of life into words well. Sometimes it feels like pinning the tail on the donkey blindfolded. Here is my poem from last weed about summer's end.

  12. ...ah, that couplet in the end granted me a deep thought to contemplate... and that for me is quite a wonderful experience... beautiful piece Ginny... i thoroughly.enjoyed this... smiles...

  13. Yes. That last couplet range with truth. So much that cannot be captures by words - yet you put this into words so well. Thank you


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