Sunday, September 1, 2013

Are We All ‘Mad’ Here?

Suicide, homicide, genocide, war—
so much anger; we can’t keep score.
Everyone saying another’s to blame;
are we all players in some crazy game?
Where will it end, why isn’t it clear:
have we all gone mad here?

Struggle—good and evil—which one is which?
No one is ‘clean’ here,  there’s always some hitch.
“Intervention” “assistance,” call what you will;
as self-righteous commenters spew out their swill,
then sit there paralyzed;  loath to interfere—
Have we all gone mad here?

Mothers lay moaning, children lay dead;
who makes those tough choices, or watches instead?
Do we observe and let evil win?
How can a leader kill off his own ‘kin,’
and suffer his people to cower in fear…
Have we all gone mad here?

Suicide, homicide, genocide, war

….so much anger, we can’t keep score

 © Ginny Brannan 2013

Just one person's point of view, mine--in light of certain current events. Do I think we should be involved? Only if the U.N. provides incontrovertible proof, and only if other countries step up to the plate first. It's not our job to "police" the world. Still, as a mother, it sickens me to see the images of the murdered innocents.


  1. its a brutal world we live the answer to smite him...and that makes us bigger? can we always be the police? how do we save everyone...that is the thing i struggle with at times....the world does seem mad....

  2. Sadly the world is mad and with regards to Syria - can we close our hearts, minds and eyes to the suffering there. And if we can't what is the right thing to do? What if we were Syrian and were hoping that someone would save us?
    Don't know the answers - but think we should do something...
    Anna :o]
    PS I am a bit disappointed in my Government...

    1. The world consensus, or at least that from my South African friends, is that the U.S. should keep their nose out of it. That we tend to rush into everything blindly and without proper proof. That this is their civil war and not our business. That we are guilty of using chemical weapons ourselves (i.e. Agent Orange in Vietnam 40 years ago). That all of us, military, politicians, and average Joe citizen are just gun-totin' warmongers and they don't want our help. Okay fine I say. Lets see them step up to the plate for once. Send their troops into harms way, their planes and ships. Let them spend their money so they can go further into deficit. Sorry, just color me FRUSTRATED!!


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